There are all kinds of anime genres out there: action, horror/psychological, romance, comedy, sports, etc…

Under action and horror/psychological anime series, there are those that can be watched comfortably, so to speak, since they contain a healthy dose of violence.

Then there are those anime series that just make you shudder (or smile if you are psychotic/sadistic). These contain more than a fair share of blood and gore.

Nevertheless, we still love these bloody and messed up anime series, and we always look forward to more.

First off, some honourable mentions are Berserk, Basilisk, Another, Afro Samurai, Claymore, Spawn, Blood+, Blood C, Blood Reign Curse and Deadman Wonderland. They didn’t make the list, but they are also quite messed up and bloody.

Here is a list of what I think are the top 5 bloodiest and most messed up anime series:

5. Hellsing Ultimate


Hellsing Ultimate is on this list mostly because of Alucard.

Alucard is a BADASS vampire who is immortal.

He kills his opponents mercilessly and without hesitation.

More often than not, almost everyone who dies in this anime series ends up dying in the most gruesome way possible.


Here is a glimpse at the blood and gore of Hellsing Ultimate:

4. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni


For most part of this anime series, I had no idea what was actually going on. The plot made nearly no sense to me.

But what I did know with 100% certainty was that after a few episodes someone was going to die! And most probably in a disturbing way.


Higurashi doesn’t have the best graphics or animation quality, but it’s definitely messed up.

Though it lacks in the gore department, it definitely makes up for it in the disturbing scenes.

Watch this (skip to 4.00 for a disturbing nail ripping scene):

3. Gantz


Towards the end of this series there were a lot of deaths occurring…A LOT!

In almost every anime series there are those protagonists who you are sure can’t die.

In Gantz, you can never be too sure…


Here is a video with most of the deaths that occur within the anime:

2. Corpse Party

Corpse Party

I believe that the name of the anime fully describes what you’d expect when watching it.

All I can say is that Corpse Party has a strong penchant for eye poking and eye stabbing.

Corpse party

No need for me to say more, just watch the video (skip to 1:48, if you dare):

1. Elfen Lied


Eye-poking, arm-ripping and head-decapitation are but a few of the highlights of Elfen Lied.

To give you an idea of how sick this anime is, 23 people were killed in the first 2 minutes of the first episode.


If you enjoyed watching this anime series, then there is a 50% chance that you are a psycho and I highly suggest that you check into an asylum…IMMEDIATELY (I will welcome you with open arms).

I place Elfen Lied at number 1 because it has both the bloody and disturbing elements…and trust me, it has them in plenty.

Elfen Lied reigns supreme atop this bloody and messed up list!

Despite their bloody nature, we still all enjoy watching these anime series. Admit it!

Every minute of it…every last painstaking detail…



    • Has ANYONE seen Deadman Wonderland? 23 people? Pftt. In the first few minutes of the first episode, a whole classroom explodes, leaving the whole room bathed in blood and gore, all the students dead. The one person who somehow stayed alive is then approached by a man who holds his best friend’s head in his hand, blood dripping from it. Then the kid gets framed for what happened, there’s a ton of uses of “c*nt” suddenly, and he goes to the Deadman Wonderland, where the first thing he encounters is someone slashing a kid with a sword across his chest for no reason. One of the episodes even shows a guy’s eyeball being taken out, zoomed in and detailed, and it’s pretty lengthened out.

  1. I just started watching Elfen Lied last week. It’s the first anime I’d ever seen & I love it. I still don’t find it as disturbing as Rosario + Vampire.

      • Blood C is alot different. There is a girl named Saya, and she fights montsters that eat people. thats the only thing thats the same. but they are totally different characters.

    • Actually blood – c is the gore and blood – c the last dark is more mellow drama with a tint of gore… Be sure to check it out

  2. Dokuro chan is more disturbing than any of the above mentioned. Just watch the theme son to get an idea

    Dokuro chan the bludgeoning angel

  3. What about the anime Another? I haven’t watched it but I’ve seen some scenes…actually I watched all the deaths and it summed up to 11+mins.

  4. In my opinion, School Days is one of the most fucked up anime…. Future Diary too and Another. Oh of course Higurashi ._.

  5. So,if by animes you mean tv series/movies,THEN WHERE IN THE GODDAMN WORLD is Corpse Party Tortured Souls?! That was is so gorey,so disturbing,SO HORIFIC to watch,and theres even 1 of the deaths that happen. A 14 years old girl ( at the first look he is looking like 8 X/ and named Yuka ) is caught by a guy that is masochist ( or how that is spelled ) that ,from what i know off,he kicked her Street Fighter stile is the stomach,she pissed of herself ( literally ! ) and not sure if she run after,but the guy caught her,put her on a torture table,and stabed her so many times,wrecking her skirt,putting her in such a situation,and then the girl DIES stabed and cut like a hundred times ( and thats the thing,the anime PUT SO MUCH work on GORYNESS that every death will haunt you like a week ). But also,the masochist guy keeps stabing and cutting her,until the girls big brother comes in AND JUST BEATS THE EVER LIVING S*** OUT OF THAT MASOCHIST MO**** FU****.
    P.S. Girls big brother dies aswell 😥
    P.P.S. From nine people, teacher,the girl and some high school kids ( i guess they are kids ) only 2 survive,all of the people who die just sufering the most horific deaths possible ( like getting hyper boosted into a wall and turned into pizza,lol)
    But yeah,EDIT THAT LIST and add Corpse Party Tortured Souls to number one,like really,who watched it are just OVER GORED.

    With sincerity,

  6. Are u kidding me? This is the worst list! Just the typical “most gory anime” stuff! Trust me, I’ve seen worse. Also, higurashi isn’t that bloody at all, especially later in the second season.

  7. Why the hell is Tokyo Ghoul not on here i mean sure you cant see them eat the people but when Jason cuts off Kaneki’s toes that pretty much does out all of these anime’s!

  8. Beserk is pretty gory, I have to agree. Elfen lied too.

    I have to ask, why isn’t Another in here? Girl getting killed by an umbrella, teacher slicing his neck, blood splattering everywhere. Boy getting run over by boat, his body is wrecked. Children and crazy grandma going on a killing spree. Not to mention the guilty dreams the main character has. *Shudders* I think this should be on the list, at least one of the top three.

  9. Dafuq??? Elfen Lied is one of my favorites I’m not insane I’m just not aftaid of blood….. It’s a great series the plot is awesome! I recommend it to anime lovers!!! (Skip the last 5 minutes of episode 8. You’ll thank me)

  10. OMG…… Corpse Party, dude.. CORPSE PARTY!!! It’s so f’ed up! I loved it the moment I heard about it! So much gore! The game rating were supposed to be higher than Mature! The anime was cut off because it had too much gore! And one more thing…. Youtube won’t allow any more videos or commentaries of the anime… xD

  11. Blood C and Blood + are far more gory than Helsing. People more than ripped asunder, skewered and pulverized into a paste for monsters. Someone needs to check ALL anime.

      • Those two definitely have some disturbing scenes.
        I gave Another an honourable mention. If I were writing a Top 10 list, then I would have included it.
        As for Mirai Nikki, I don’t think it would even make Top 10. Maybe it would just barely make it at number 10.

  12. Oi Oi!!!!!! This list is missing one. Where the hell is Shigurui? Hellsing is childish story compared with Shigurui

    • Okay, Shigurui is messed up. Definitely one of the best samurai anime out there. However, I still don’t think it is deserving of a position in this top 5. It is more of a honourable mention.

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